Allison Zlepnig-Byrne

Head Coach & Trainer

Allie Zlepnig Byrne came to horses at a very early age, in a story many of us know well – involving challenging ponies! This gave her a strong basis of dressage that she carries forward to each of her sales horses and competition mounts. From there she continued to build her dressage knowledge and trained with Nancy MacLachlan, which subsequently allowed her to compete and train all the way to Prix St. George, with exposure in Europe and Japan as well as North America. 


With more than 25 years in the equestrian industry, Allie has had the opportunity to closely train with Chris Pratt, Jill Henslewood, Ian Miller, Eric Lamaze and Nona Garson. These experiences ranged from showing horses for clients to competing in everything from the JR/AM Jumpers to the Children’s Hunters, the Rising Star series to the Talent Squad classes and finally to the CET Medals.


In operating Wendigo Farms, Allie brings both her knowledge and exceptional show career to each client. Whether it is human or horse – you can expect the best when you sign on. Not only does she have experience with every level of rider, but can also boast an impressive resume of bringing along horses from every walk of life. This would include imported warmbloods, off the track thoroughbreds, correct rehabilitation to provide successful careers. She still works with many top professionals in the area to keep up her skills and pass along only the best instruction to clients. 


We are excited to be participating in the A Circuit as well as the North Silver Series for the 2022 show season. If you are currently shopping for a horse, please check out our sales page for upcoming prospects!