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Police Horses are not Punching Bags

On Sunday, like any other typical sports-crazy town, fans of the Newcastle (U.K.) football team rioted after their team lost to local rival Sunderland. And if you follow fan riots, you know this means hundreds of police officers are called to the scene, and most likely those include police horses.

In the craziness that ensued, one poor, miserably naïve soul decided to take his frustrations out on Bud the police horse. Three other (human) police officers were injured in the clash.

But, seriously, why punch a police horse? Is it because you think they can’t strike back like a human police officer? Little do they know that actions like those really tick off police officers–not only the rider, but those on foot. You can see in the video a police officer tackling the suspect after the incident. (I have a feeling there were some choice words, and maybe a little physical reprimanding, between the two.)

Luckily it seems like Bud has not been affected by the incident. In fact he returned to work Monday morning. The West Yorkshire Police Horses Twitter account posted this photo of Bud relaxing in his stall:

And poking fun at the situation with this tweet:

And in case you wonder why you should never punch a police horse, BuzzFeed reminds you: Why You Should Never Punch A Police Horse.

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