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Wendigo Farms Owner & Rider

allie1Allie began riding at the age of 4. Competing throughout her childhood on the Ottawa Trillium circuit in the hunter divisions on a series of ponies, Allie began her equestrian journey.

At the age of 8, a challenging pony turned her to dressage training to aid in her abilities and started training with Laurel Myers, who trained under Kirsten Bleaske. Allie learned at a very young age to appreciate the art of dressage and brought her pony to Second level, all the while competing on the Trillium and “A” circuit in the pony hunters and equitation.

After five years of developing her skills and competing dressage and hunter/equitation, Allie acquired a young Appendix gelding, The Gambler. She competed him in the Trillium jumpers and to Preliminary level eventing. A year later, Allie brought this jumper to Jill Henselwood’s and competed successfully in the CET medal and Child Adult Jumpers.

Just before her 16th birthday, Allie acquired her new mount, purchased from a client of Ian Millar’s, Daily Ruckus. Though her first year with this horse almost ended prematurely with a near career ending injury, Allie was fortunate enough to compete in the Jr/Am Jumpers with Jill McRae’s, Clausewitz. This allowed Ruckus to have the appropriate time off, while Allie furthered her skills and show mileage. Once Ruckus was rehabbed, they competed successfully for 3 years with Jill Henselwood at the High Jr/Am level, also competing in the Open Jumpers, Rising Star series & Talent Squad classes, including Spruce Meadows and the Royal Winter Fair.

While training with Jill Henselwood, Allie was fortunate enough to have the constant assistance of Sandi Patterson, and would also have the opportunity of training with Ian Millar on a regular basis.

At the age of 18, Allie moved to the GTA and became a working student for Eric Lamaze. She brought Ruckus to Torrey Pines and competed successfully in West Palm Beach, Florida. She also had the opportunity to ride and compete many of the horses in Eric’s barn in the Preliminary jumper divisions and continued a successful show career aboard Ruckus, retiring him after the Royal in 1999.

Allie moved to West Palm Beach at age 20 and began training with Nona Garson of the USET. She competed her hunter, Starlight Wishes and a handful of other horses for Nona, while attending Northwood University in the Marketing & Advertising Program.

In 2001, Allie decided to move back to Canada after the 9/11 tragedy to be closer to her family. She worked with Chris Pratt for several months, acquiring a very talented WB Mare, Celebrity. From there, Allie decided to continue her education not only horse wise, but academically, attending McMaster University and changing competitive disciplines to dressage, training exclusively with Nancy MacLachlan. Allie got Celebrity up to schooling 4th level and was faced with hurdles as the mare became limited in her dressage abilities. While deciding to market Celebrity for sale as jumper through Chris Pratt, Allie had the opportunity to school on the late Davis Cup to learn Grand Prix dressage. During this time she also trained on a seasoned Prix St. George horse of Nancy’s.

In 2003, Allie decided she needed a new mount and connected with Augustin Walsh, flew to Germany for the elite PSI auction hosted by Ulrich Kasselman & Paul Schockemoehle, and purchased a 4 yr old Westfalian mare, Liebeszauber & selling Celebrity to Paul Schockemoehle.

After coming home to Canada, Allie continued her training with Nancy aboard “Beezie” and competed successfully to 3rd level, FEI 6yr olds. During this time, Allie also became a member of CURCA, competing internationally in Italy and Japan, representing Canada for Student Riding.

In 2005, Allie graduated McMaster with a degree in Gerontology and moved to Barrie to aid running the family business, The Waterford Retirement Community.

Itching to keep riding and training, Allie soon became partners with the Rumney’s and opened up Shadowgate Equestrian where she focused primarily on training off the track thoroughbreds and bringing along young horses.

allie2In 2006, after suffering a severe ankle injury, causing her to be on crutches for 6 months, Allie purchased Patten, a 2001 German WB unbroke stallion from Armin Wagner in the US. Allie rehabbed and strengthened her ankle as fast as possible and began training on Patten immediately that fall, competing him the following season in the 1.10m jumpers.

A year later, Allie purchased Lino, a 2004 Oldenburg unbroken stallion from Germany.

Allie has since moved facilities and is now training out of Wendigo Farms; a barn she maintains with the highest level of excellence.
In 2009 Allie and her then business partner Tammy Crisafi were approached by Corus Entertainment where they signed on for 12 episodes of the series Unstable.
In 2010 Allie took over Wendigo on her own. She still works with many top professionals in the area to keep her skills up to par and she passes on that knowledge and expertise to all of her clients.

Further Accomplishments


Patten & Allie competed 1.15m – 1.25m Patten became 2008 Cdn Warmblood Stallion Performance Test Champion Lino & Allie competed Cdn Jumper Development Series 4 yr old division Lino became 2008 Ontario & Eastern Cdn 4 yr old Champion Lino was also 2008 Cdn WB Licensing Champion & 4th Overall for the Stallion Performance Test (being the youngest stallion there)


Competed Patten at 1.25m •Competed Lino at 1.15m & 5 yr old jumpers •Competed Carmel HB in the 1.15m & some 1.25m classes She is hoping to venture to Florida this coming winter to get the boys ready for the next level for the 2010 season.


6 yr old Jumpers with Lino, 1.25/1.35m with Patten and Carmel HB


Camden & Aiken S.C Open Welcome with Lino & Carmel HB, 7/8 yr olds and Talent Squad with Lino


3rd 8 yr old jumper Finals Wellington Florida and trained with Leslie Howard of the USET, Open Welcome and Talent Squad with Lino


Acquired new youngsters from Germany – 5 yr old jumpers with Quito, 1.15m with Winnipeg Jett, training level dressage with Dorado
Heading to Wellington for Winter 2014 with Dorado and Vincent van de Henrietthoeve – Allie’s newest grand prix horse from Belgium.


Wellington 2014 was successful with the sale of Vincent and Dorado. She reacquired Lino and welcomed the birth of her newest Patten colt, Prymus

Allie took most of the year off from horse showing focusing on training and her family business – Waterford Senior Living Group –



Successful show season! Allie has moved Lino, Patten and her new mount Stardust (6 yr old Oldenburg gelding) back to Torrey Pines in Schomberg to train with Mark Hayes

Lino took that next step and became an FEI registered show jumper, competing in the International Grand Prix’s at Angelstone and Pan Am Equestrian Park

Allie and Lino also qualified for the Royal Winter Fair in November in the National Talent Squad Series.

Lino was a star and the pair finished in the top five of both phases.

LINO RAWF 2015-1

2015-07-13 13.35.52

Stardust competed successfully in the young horse series in the 6 yr old division and 1.25m

2015-06-12 11.22.06


After a restful winter, the boys started off refreshed.

Lino continued on in the FEI Grand Prixs, and Star advanced to the 7 yr old jumpers and 1.30m division piloted by Brady Hayes. Patten made his debut in the hunter ring! Competed successfully is the 3’6 open performance and 4ft hunter derby series


Allie sustained a major injury in the fall of 2016 just prior to her wedding. She has made a full recovery but decided to take the 2017 season easy.

She competed Lino a few times in the Open Welcome jumper divisions and focused on starting her 3 yr old gelding Prymus by Patten.

Fall 2017 – Allie has just acquired a new mount for the 2018 season, First Lente.

Allie plans to compete the winter circuit in Ohio and have Lente and Lino ready for the Grand Prix ring and Prymus to make his debut in the baby greens.


Pictured below : left 2 are Prymus and far right is Lente

July 2017 June freejump





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