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Choose the Right Winter Clothing for You

Consider your horse-life clothing needs and the activities you need to prepare for during the cold season.

Photo: Alayne Blickle

I bet every veterinarian has at least one story to tell about a horse owner not being properly clad when dealing with an equine emergency. Eventually the vet realizes they have to turn their attention from caring for an injured horse to caring for a shivering, hypothermic owner. Before winter hits with a one-two punch make those needed additions to your wardrobe which will help ease you through what winter has to dish out.

Consider your horse-life clothing needs. What activities do you need to prepare for: riding in an indoor arena, trail riding, night riding, chores? This is a fundamental, yet often overlooked point. How often do we see people changing a flat tire in the winter a t-shirt or running from a storm in a sweatshirt or other unsuitable gear? If you are going to be working with horses in inclement weather for an undetermined amount of time you need suitable gear. Do you own a good waterproof jacket? Knee-high mud boots that don’t leak? Flexible but insulated, waterproof gloves? A down coat or vest? Invest in some high-tech cold or rainy weather gear and consider layering; a warm vest with a barn coat and a waterproof shell along with proper gloves and outdoor work boots are a good combo. Don’t forget a hat or hood while you’re at it. You are no good to your horses if while caring for them you become hypothermic and a medical emergency yourself.

For instant warming a big box of hand or toe warmers purchased from Costco or similar store can’t be beat!

And while you’re at it, if you blanket your horses check blankets now for laundering, rips, water-proofing, or other needed attention so they are ready to go when the snow flies. 

Now it’s your turn! What kinds of clothes have you found work well for your horse life and where do you shop for good buys?



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