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Blow Me One Last Kiss

Pop singer Pink has got it right–at some point in most relationships, one or both parties consider calling it quits and blow each other one last kiss good-bye. In this Weird Horse News installment, the horse got the kiss and the husband got the “good-bye.”

Relationships are hard, but what about our relationships with our horses? At what point do we make the choice to end it? When your horse bucks you off on a tree stump causing three broken ribs after trying to jump a 6-foot fence and raking your knees against the entire length of the arena’s fence line? Uh…. not that those things have ever happened to me!

Anywho, I understand that different cultures have different “rules” or “traditions” regarding acceptable and unacceptable behaviors in relationships; however, some of those “rules” make more sense than others. Take for example the “traditional” practice common in some Tibetan and Nepalese communities in which a pair of brothers can marry the same woman at the same time. Or consider the fact that in Mosuo, southern China, there is actually no concept of marriage per se. Instead, men help raise his own sister’s children because then the man knows he will be raising a child that is, at least in part, genetically his.

But back to our story: One Saudi woman bucked her traditional marriage system when she kissed an Arabian horse residing on a farm near Ridah, Saudi Arabia. That one little smooch between enamored horse lover and a handsome steed showed up on social media and resulted in divorce. Apparently, the woman’s husband could not abhor the thought of his wife kissing another “man.” Her response? The woman couldn’t care less! According to the Sada newspaper, the woman “…was not sorry for what she had done and was not upset by splitting from a man who cannot distinguish between humans and animals.” In fact, she was “proud” of the picture taken of her kissing the horse as it expressed her love for Arabian horses.

Yes, true love does conquer all.

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